13 Reasons Why You Should Get Life Insurance

When you get life insurance, you’re paying for the unexpected, and planning for tomorrow. Any type of insurance can be confusing, especially if you’re not sure if you “need” the insurance. You may have wondered, “Is life insurance worth it?” It is, and as you grow older, you will realize howRead More

Disability Insurance Awareness – Protect Your Paycheck

Think about it, what if you were unable to work suddenly, due to accident, injury or illness?  How long could you and your family go without a paycheck.  Life happens has a great campaign around May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  Chriss Spires from Montoya & Associates discusses the gapRead More

Watch Out: Here Comes Generation Z

Generation Z is now entering the workforce. The oldest members of Generation Z recently turned 21 and are beginning to enter the workforce. Within the next decade, these numbers will soar and businesses should adapt their recruitment and retainment strategies if they want to attract top candidates. They are remarkablyRead More

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Retirement and Social Security Benefits are inextricably linked. Not only did Social Security help establish the official U.S. retirement age at 65, it also provides a significant portion of today’s retirees’ incomes. Some of the earliest company pension programs began paying benefits at age 65.1 The economics made sense sinceRead More