financial planner meeting with couple

Top Trends in Wealth Management: 2021

financial planner meeting with couple
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Wealth management isn’t just for the super-wealthy or the “1%” – It’s a strategy to help
you protect everything you’ve worked for throughout your career and manage your
retirement. A great wealth management service can protect you from excessive taxes
and help make your money work for you. However, wealth management is changing
practice, and trends emerge at a rapid pace, especially with the global pandemic.
In this article, we’re looking at some of the trends in wealth management for 2021 and
the advantages they can bring.

Sustainable Investment is On the Rise

The financial upheaval that happened in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic
caused many investors to opt for more sustainable investments, versus the more
traditional routes. Protecting the environment by investing funds into areas that have a
prolonged impact is part of investors being more socially aware.
Environmental sustainability isn’t the only trend for 2021. Social sustainability is also
important to many investors, including the way that corporations interact with customers
and their reputations with regard to their employees and society as a whole. More and
more companies are voluntarily publishing sustainability reports, which makes it easier
for wealth planning advisors to find investments that more closely align with each
client’s values.

Making AI Work For You

Moving from in-person conferences about wealth management to phone calls and
online video chats have made many wealth management companies reassess their
robotics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to better serve their clients. Moving
forward, you may see more chatbots helping you answer basic questions about your
portfolio or making simple changes to your accounts.
AI also helps wealth management advisors create a more personalized experience for
their clients, using data gathered from the clients to identify investment opportunities
proactively and meet their unique needs. Younger investors have a higher expectation
from their wealth management company. For those companies unable or unwilling to
provide a personalized experience, finding clients from younger demographics can be

Innovative Fee Structure Will Increase Market Share

The fee structure of many agencies has changed too. To capture a larger percentage
of the market. High minimum balances and fees have discouraged many smaller
investors from working with wealth management companies in the past. However, the
financial disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic has caused people who shied away
from traditional investments to reconsider saving and wealth planning. The number of
downloads for apps that can help new investors save and invest has grown
substantially, both in part because of their ease of use and because of the minimal fee

New investors are also more likely to opt for performance-based fee structures and
remain wary of complex fee structures.


Embracing the new trends in wealth management can work for you if you have a flexible
investment specialist to help you with your wealth planning. Trust the team at Montoya
Financial Strategies to help you develop a personalized plan to grow your wealth and
protect your assets.

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