What Should Financial Advisors Do?

Believe it or not, a lot of people do not know what a financial advisor does for a living and for his/her clients. A financial advisor helps a client organize his or her finances and helps them prepare for retirement and other big savings like a college fund. This professional also helps clients make decisions with money to assist in reaching certain financial goals. By meeting with a financial advisor, the goal is to improve the financial decisions you make.

First, you want to hire someone who is qualified and certified to advise you. But if or when you do, what should you expect from a financial advisor?

At Montoya Financial Strategies, we help people get control of their financial future. Our clients work with a financial planning advisor who helps them get in control of their financial future, organizes their financial information, establishes clear and realistic goals, provides strategies to lead to sound financial decisions, and builds an ongoing relationship so they can stay on track.

Below, we wanted to share with you what a qualified financial advisor can do for you:

  • Help you invest your money.
  • Help you figure out how much to save to your 401(k) and how to invest it.
  • Identify your need for tax planning.
  • Create a savings plan with multiple goals: buying a home, college fund, retirement.
  • Evaluate a job offer.
  • Evaluate employee benefits.
  • Help you formulate a down payment for a home.
  • Help you figure out what to do with company stock.
  • Help bring you clarity.
  • Help you focus. Advise you on steps to take.
  • Help you identify priorities.
  • Provide you with accountability.
  • Help you gain confidence in your finances.
  • Give you guidance to make certain decisions with your money.
  • Listen to you.
  • Tell you what you need to do differently
  • Let you know what retirement accounts may be beneficial towards your financial future.
  • Assist you with securing an emergency fund.

Looking for a Financial Planning Advisor?

A financial planner will not make recommendations for you until they understand your goals and put together a long-term financial plan. This person will gather all information and data regarding all aspects of your financial life.

It can be hard to focus on your financial health, especially if you have a lot of obligations and little time to dedicate to financial planning.  A financial advisor’s job is to help take the worry and stress away by guiding you toward successful present and future.

Our team at Montoya will help you organize all your financial information into an easy-to-understand format. We will help you establish clear and realistic goals for success. We take the big picture into consideration and help you understand all aspects that may affect your personal financial situation. We listen to you. Montoya Financial Strategies has more than 30 years of experience helping clients plan their financial futures! Get started with us today! Click our financial planning page to learn more or call us at 800-965-5554.

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